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Roshni and Kevin engagement session by Kansas City Wedding Photographer Jerry Wang 

I first met Roshni when I was a photographer for the University Daily Kansan. She was a writer for the daily paper and I was the first photographer to work with on her story. We maintained a pretty good friendship throughout college so I was very honored when she asked me to be the photographer for her wedding.

Roshni and Kevin are both KU alums so we decided to photograph their engagement session on campus at the University of Kansas. They’re such a gorgeous couple, you can feel the connection between them by just being around them.

Enjoy the photos!

Lawrence_Kansas_Engagement_Photographer_001 Lawrence_Kansas_Engagement_Photographer_002 Lawrence_Kansas_Engagement_Photographer_003 Lawrence_Kansas_Engagement_Photographer_004 Lawrence_Kansas_Engagement_Photographer_005 Lawrence_Kansas_Engagement_Photographer_006 Lawrence_Kansas_Engagement_Photographer_007 Lawrence_Kansas_Engagement_Photographer_008 Lawrence_Kansas_Engagement_Photographer_009 Lawrence_Kansas_Engagement_Photographer_010 Lawrence_Kansas_Engagement_Photographer_011 Lawrence_Kansas_Engagement_Photographer_012 Lawrence_Kansas_Engagement_Photographer_013 Lawrence_Kansas_Engagement_Photographer_014 Lawrence_Kansas_Engagement_Photographer_015 Lawrence_Kansas_Engagement_Photographer_016 Lawrence_Kansas_Engagement_Photographer_017 Lawrence_Kansas_Engagement_Photographer_018 Lawrence_Kansas_Engagement_Photographer_019



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