MM | Salt Lake City Engagement Session | Bonneville Salt Flats | Mt Timpanogos

4 years ago, I met Mike and Melissa while studying abroad in Italy. We traveled together, got lost together, and forged strong friendship that started across 5 different countries. When we were in Venice, a year before I started photographing weddings full time, I took a photo of Mike and Melissa sitting together on a gondola and joked about how I would shoot their wedding if they ever got married. Here we are 4 years later and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to photograph them again for their engagement session. We started our adventure at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 1 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 2 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 3 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 4 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 5 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 6


MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 7 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 8 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 9 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 10 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 11 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 12 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 13 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 14 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 15

MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 16

The next day, Mike and Melissa took me to their gorgeous wedding venue.. We took photos around the property, then drove up through the mountains for some fall colors before settling back beside a camp ground fire to end the evening.MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 17 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 18 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 19 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 20 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 21 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 22 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 23 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 24 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 25 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 26 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 27 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 28 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 29 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 30

And on the last day of my trip, we drove up to Mount Timpanogos in the late morning for some mountain scenery. Between the Aspen trees, the rocky peaks and the stunning fall colors, I was so tempted to stay for the remainder of the week, or heck the rest of the year!

MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 32 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 33 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 34

I’m not a landscape photographer but the mountain views made it easy to get some beautiful photos, even in the middle of the day.

MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 35

MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 36 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 37 MM_Salt_Lake_City_Engagement_Session_ 38



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