M&K | Rainy Day Engagement Session | Lawrence, Kansas

Most photographers cancel their engagement session when rain is in the area. I have amazing clients that are willing to get a little wet and create photos that look like they came straight out of the movie “The Notebook”.

M&K_Engagement_Session_Lawrence_KS_Rain_Blog_001 M&K_Engagement_Session_Lawrence_KS_Rain_Blog_002 M&K_Engagement_Session_Lawrence_KS_Rain_Blog_003 M&K_Engagement_Session_Lawrence_KS_Rain_Blog_004 M&K_Engagement_Session_Lawrence_KS_Rain_Blog_005 M&K_Engagement_Session_Lawrence_KS_Rain_Blog_006 M&K_Engagement_Session_Lawrence_KS_Rain_Blog_007 M&K_Engagement_Session_Lawrence_KS_Rain_Blog_008



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