M&K | Lawrence Kansas Engagement Session | Kansas University

Mark and Kristen’s braved the summer rain in their first engagement session. For their rescheduled shoot, we went up to the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas where they’d both went to college and wrapped up with some long exposure night shots.

M&K_Lawrence_KS_Engagement_Session_KU_ 1 M&K_Lawrence_KS_Engagement_Session_KU_ 2 M&K_Lawrence_KS_Engagement_Session_KU_ 3 M&K_Lawrence_KS_Engagement_Session_KU_ 4 M&K_Lawrence_KS_Engagement_Session_KU_ 5 M&K_Lawrence_KS_Engagement_Session_KU_ 6 M&K_Lawrence_KS_Engagement_Session_KU_ 7 M&K_Lawrence_KS_Engagement_Session_KU_ 8 M&K_Lawrence_KS_Engagement_Session_KU_ 9 M&K_Lawrence_KS_Engagement_Session_KU_ 10 M&K_Lawrence_KS_Engagement_Session_KU_ 11 M&K_Lawrence_KS_Engagement_Session_KU_ 12

M&K_Lawrence_KS_Engagement_Session_KU_ 13M&K_Lawrence_KS_Engagement_Session_KU_ 15



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