Jun 13

J&E | Lawrence & Overland Park Kansas Wedding |The Oread Hotel | Dark Horse Distillery

Photos from Jessie and Elmer’s wedding at the Oread Hotel in Lawrence, Kansas followed by a reception at the Dark Horse Distillery in Overland Park.

Tell us how you first met? Who what when where why? Give us the dirty details.

I was coming to Lawrence, Kansas for my first time. Io returned back from Iraq to visit my friend. It was October 29th,2010 and she was getting ready for a Halloween party and she was the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen. (even though she was wearing a zombie outfit) -Elmer

When did you know he / she was the one? Was there something he / she did?

I knew that I wanted to be with her for a long time but for me the moment that I knew that I wanted to marry her is when I almost died and she spent 15 days in the hospital keeping me company. -Elmer

Tell us about the proposal (did you see it coming, how long was it in the planning? How did you feel? Nervous, excited, freaking out?)

I proposed on January 1st 2013 and it was in front of all of her old friends from forever ago and her ex boyfriend. I was nervous even though I knew she would say yes. -Elmer

Tell us the one thing you love most about each other.

She is exactly like me, only the girl version. –Elmer

He knows me inside and out better than I know myself. He’s always there for me and does things for me even when I can do them myself. Plus, he’s a great side kick. J-Jessica

If you feel comfortable, share with us something silly or quirky the other person does

I like how she ALWAYS calls me out on my stuff. Even though most people don’t. –Elmer

He always wants to make sure that no matter where we stay he always sleeps closest to the door, just in case. It warms my heart and make me feel safe. -Jessica

What’s one thing you wish you would have known earlier in regards to planning?

It’s okay to delegate things to others! They are willing to help and it feels good to not have as many things on your plate. -Jessica



Photography | Jerry Wang Photography

Florist | Kathy with Pendleton Country Market

Ceremony Venue | Oread

Reception Venue | Dark Horse Distillery

DJ / Entertainment | Platinum Productions (Andrew)

Cake | Classic Cakes (Barbara)

Dress Designer | Laura’s Couture

Dress Salon | same as above

Bridesmaid Dresses | same as above

Groom and Groomsmen Attire | Men’s Wearhouse



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