C&E | Baldwin City Kansas Engagement Session | Baker University

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of photographing Chelsea and Evan’s engagement session at the Baker University campus in Baldwin City, Kansas. It was my first time meeting with the couple since they saw my booth at the Lawrence Bridal Show. We started with the easy poses and spent a little bit of time getting to know each other. Chelsea graduated from Baker University and they met during her college years. A couple of awkward poses led to bursts of laughter and little by little, they graduated from being camera shy to practically models by the end of the night. To top it all off, we were photo bombed by a friendly outdoor feline during the session and hollered at by the near by farm’s goats while shooting near the town’s train station. All in all, I couldn’t think of better people to spend a Sunday afternoon with! 

Enjoy the photos.

C&E_Baldwin_City_Engagement_Session_Baker_University_001 C&E_Baldwin_City_Engagement_Session_Baker_University_002 C&E_Baldwin_City_Engagement_Session_Baker_University_008C&E_Baldwin_City_Engagement_Session_Baker_University_072 C&E_Baldwin_City_Engagement_Session_Baker_University_014 C&E_Baldwin_City_Engagement_Session_Baker_University_016 C&E_Baldwin_City_Engagement_Session_Baker_University_073C&E_Baldwin_City_Engagement_Session_Baker_University_024 C&E_Baldwin_City_Engagement_Session_Baker_University_030 C&E_Baldwin_City_Engagement_Session_Baker_University_031 C&E_Baldwin_City_Engagement_Session_Baker_University_034 C&E_Baldwin_City_Engagement_Session_Baker_University_044 C&E_Baldwin_City_Engagement_Session_Baker_University_050 C&E_Baldwin_City_Engagement_Session_Baker_University_052 C&E_Baldwin_City_Engagement_Session_Baker_University_056 C&E_Baldwin_City_Engagement_Session_Baker_University_061 C&E_Baldwin_City_Engagement_Session_Baker_University_062 C&E_Baldwin_City_Engagement_Session_Baker_University_067   C&E_Baldwin_City_Engagement_Session_Baker_University_074C&E_Baldwin_City_Engagement_Session_Baker_University_075



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