Apr 22

3D Action Photos from the 2013 Quidditch World Cup VI

Red and Cyan 3D glasses required 🙂

3D_Set2_Right_057 3D_Set2_Right_091 Baylor_UCLA_Left_296 Baylor_UCLA_right_038 Baylor_UCLA_right_055 Baylor_UCLA_right_064 Baylor_UCLA_right_082 Baylor_UCLA_right_086 Baylor_UCLA_right_113 Baylor_UCLA_right_126 Baylor_UCLA_right_246 Baylor_UCLA_right_279 Baylor_UCLA_right_305 Baylor_UCLA_right_307 Baylor_UCLA_right_339 Baylor_UCLA_right_358 Baylor_UCLA_right_371 KU_3D_Right018 KU_3D_Right027 KU_3D_Right046


Photos by Jerry Wang. All Rights Reserved. Click here to see how I photographed in 3D.



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